How to Make Anal Sex More Comfortable and Pleasurable

Spice up in the bed. Warm up. Heat up. What else sex can offer to someone who has a sensual desire in love making?

Different types of sex depend on the person or couple who will actually do it. One of those types is the so called anal sex. Anal sex can be daunting, but indeed it is pleasurable, it can make someone excited and a great explorer. Fun yet liberating type of sex which offers a lot of experimentation or play that you can go along with it. It may take a few tries, but with great force and determination, you can feel and get the reward from it.

This will be a great experience for couples who love to discover new things from themselves. Here are some ways how anal sex will be more fabulous and pleasurable;

1. It’s always better to be prepared.

Well, we all know that being prepared is the best thing to do. Anus expels waste from the body. But it’s not that something we would want in doing a sex play. Making up the things you do with your partners must be taken into consideration such as hygiene and proper materials in doing so. To start of, have your materials ready. Be consistent and most specially be prepared.

2. Inhale-Exhale and relax.

Do not forget to breathe while doing the act. Embarrassment has no place for bedroom while doing the act. You have to wear your confidence, showing off how proud you are with your butt. You’ve got to take into consideration the fact of touching and penetrating your butt because that is the sensual part of anal sex. So relax yourself and your mind and let that someone does the tickling and penetration around your bump.

3. You have to wrapped up and turned on.

Being horny is one of the requirements of this thing. Satisfaction for both parties will surely be felt. Be creative or explore things up for fun and great satisfaction. You may use your tongue to play along with it. Hence, not everyone is so adventurous when it comes to the butt and so some will not into using tongue to move further around it.

4. Lube works wonderfully.

Vagina is a different story from the butt. Vagina provides natural lubrication when aroused, unlike butt. That’s why lube is the answer to that dilemma when doing play. Spitting is not good as lube. Saliva is not enough because it dries fast easily. It is recommended to use water-based lubricants.

5. Start slowly.

In every situation, do not rush things. It’s best to do it slowly but surely. Using fingers and toys will be a good start for penetration. Of course, a little warm up can go beyond the bedroom. It is also important to find the best spot and position in doing so. You can justify that sensation. Go far from the experimentation, you play around. Most important, don’t forget to rest.