6 Popular Celebrities Who Are Rumored Sex addicts

There are names of a few celebrities who are alleged sex addicts. Famous celebrities in the television, those who are doing various shows, film-makers, commercial models, athletes and the like have admitted that they are sexually addicted or personally entered treatment addiction. Celebrity sex scandals and issues are growing and will stay for as long as celebrities exist. Here are some names of famous celebrities who are rumoured, even admitted they are sex addicts;

1. Kanye West

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 19: Kanye West attends the Ralph Lauren fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 at Skylight Clarkson SQ. on February 19, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

A very well known singer-performer who admitted a sex addict. Kanye West came clean about his sex addiction when speaking to Details magazine in 2009. He reveals his “drive” for love-making stemmed from “having a sexual addiction at a really young age.” This has been a commotion for everyone in the industry.

2. Ozzy Osbourne

After his 4 years affairs to his hairstylist Michelle Pugh, he admits he has been dealing with sex addiction for 6 years. But in 2017, he’d backtracked this claim and told the press that his affair with the Michelle was a ‘bump in the road’, following a confession that he seeks therapy for cheating on his wife.

3. Tiger Woods

A well-known athlete who made name in the world of golf. Definitely we knew this guy as one of the best players, but a sex addict really? Woods admitted that he became unfaithful to his wife, and is suffering from sexual addiction that ruins his marriage as well. In addition, it also ruins his PGA tour and totally damaged his image. Although he is recovering now, this dilemma brought him to his downfall.

4. Anthony Kiedis

A Hot Chilli Peppers singer admitted his addiction to pornography, sex and drugs. He had to make himself gradually stop being dependent on to internet porn when he realized this habit was becoming unhealthy for him and his addictive behaviour was driving him to some illegal actions in cyberspace.

5. Lindsay Lohan

A famous actress and singer who is popular on her party girl reputation. Moreover, she doesn’t want to sleep alone but his ex-boyfriend who is a snowboarder which she met up in the rehab accused her of being a sex addict and nymphomaniac.

6. Amber Smith

A Victoria Secret model, who admitted selling sex image for a living when the job weren’t coming in. Like other addiction cases, this celebrity also battled with the drug and alcohol issues. Moreover, Smith tried to revive her career about 10 years with an appearance in Playboy and starring on the Cinemax soft-core series Sin City Diaries, but except for the occasional red carpet appearance, Smith mainly stays out of the spotlight.

Medias will always have a big impact to this kind of issues. Through internet, many sex issues came out most especially to the Hollywood celebrities. Sometimes rumors are just along the corners. Firing up big names, scandalous acts and the like became commotion and talk of the town. However, in the same line of issues, many rehabs are intensely booming.

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