How The Word MILF Changed The Porn Industry








Trends in society can turn anything virtually unknown, into something tremendously popular. In today’s technology driven world, that is more true than ever before. Almost every person has either a mobile device, computer and access to the internet. There is also television, streaming and cable. Finally, you have blogs, websites and social media. With the influence social media has, any photo or video can viral. The end result is something becoming an overnight sensation in an instant. This can happen with photos, videos, events and many other things. One of them is words, slangs, sayings or acronyms.

One particular acronym which completely changed things is MILF. Short for “Mom I’d Like To Fuck,” the word has affected and changed how we look at moms or mature women in particular. Although many credit the popular teen Hollywood movie American Pie with starting the word, its origin goes back before that. No matter what, once people began referring to older hot women as MILFs, everything changed.

Porn pics, videos or any movies with hot and sexy mature women became the rage. Teens, adults and people all over searched online for anything with a milf on it. The porn industry changed completely because of the word. In porn, having beautiful and sexy girls in the content is everything. Most adult stars were typically between the ages of 18 to 25. Once a girl passed the age of twenty-five, her career in porn was over. The majority of film makers did not want to use them anymore and changed them for younger women.

However, that all changed in an instant as internet users became obsessed with older women. Pornography with videos, sex pics or animated sex gifs of MILFs or hot mature women was very sought after. In fact, the word milf quickly became one of the top porn categories in the world. Young teens were completely crazy about hot mature women sex pics, sex GIFS and other porn material. Not only them, but also older men and even women. It appeared as if everyone wanted to view MILF content online and on TV. Before long, Television shows and cable series had some type of character that could be considered a MILF. This was no accident since the industry was well aware of the popularity the content had on the web. The evidence was seen as every major porn site had the MILF category or mature women genre at the top.

Social media helped spread the porn pics or any other material related to MILFS. It wasn’t just sex pictures of mature women that were being shared though. Any photos of hot older actresses who were moms or mature, were going viral. You soon had many young actors such as Ashton Kutcher marry a milf like the gorgeous Demi Moore.

Dating sites featuring mature women also became very popular. Things stopped being like the past where older men were generally the ones being seen with younger women. Now, it was young males and girls who were the ones going out with mature women. For the porn actresses that were once considered too old for the industry, it all changed as well. In an instant, many older porn stars became sought after by adult film makers. The fact was that most of them were now even more popular than they were when they were in their prime. Not only that, these adult mature porn stars were making more money than before as well. Mature porn stars such as the well-known Brandi Love, Lisa Ann, Kendra Lust and Julia Ann are just some of the many names out there. The majority of them are making new porn movies playing the role of a hot sexy MILF.

The best part about the MILF genre is how many different angles film makers can use. The fantasy aspect behind having sex with an older woman is part of what makes them so popular. Young teens, men and women all over spend hours dreaming and fantasizing sexually about MILFs. Some of them have mature women in their real lives that they are now in love or infatuated with. There are endless stories of teens and college students who have a thing about their teachers or professors. The same for those who have friends whose mother is hot and sexy.

There are also sexy and hot mature female nurses, doctors, bosses and countless of women who fit the mold. The porn industry understands that when it comes to milf porn pics, sex GIF images and videos, the possibilities are endless. The MILF category or mature women genre contains endless of sub-genres users can enjoy. You have the word moms which has becomes just as popular as MILF itself. After all, a milf is a mom everyone wants to fuck. You also have the step mom and wife milf subgenres porn pics and sex gif images. Big tits milfs, lesbian milfs and hardcore mature women porn are just some of the many others.

Based on these factors, mature women all over the world who find themselves the object of sexual desire can thank the porn industry. They can also thank Hollywood, social media and users who helped spread MILF related content online. One thing can be certain is that for those older women who have so many fantasizing and desiring them, there are no complaints.